CCBA Breaking News.

ACS 2022 New Judging Format 12.2.22

The Committee has approved a new judging format for the upcoming ACS 2022. The new format will be to engage a number of judges relative to the amount birds expected, for this year it will be 4. Historically they would judge a section each but we have voted for a format where all judges will judge classes rather than a section. The Judges will start at class 1 and work their way through the field. Crucially when each special is to be selected then a minimum of 3 judges will select each special.


We see the advantages of this system as per below,


 - All specials are selected by 3 judges increasing furthermore the likelihood of the best bird being selected for all specials.

 - All judging finishes at the same time removing the circumstance of some judges having many more entries in a section.

 - OMJ judge/s will judge across all sections and have an input into the majority specials giving us and the exhibitors more value from the engagement.


We see this as a positive step forward in providing the exhibiting members with a more democratic process with the selection of specials at the ACS. We hope this is seen as another positive step forward by the CCBA.

CCBA Chairman - 15.12.2021

It is with regret that I inform you that I have taken the decision to step down as CCBA Chairman , personal issues have taken priority and I cannot now extend the time required to fulfill the role as would be expected of the chairman of the association. .

I will remain on the committee and continue to be show secretary for the National exhibition and All colour shows .

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the committee , past and present , and members of the association for their help , guidance and friendship during my term as chairman .

Thankfully Simon Meredith has stepped forward to fill the vacant position , so over the last day the committee has agreed to co-opt Simon onto the committee to become chairman . Simon has been a member of the association for many years and is also a leading judge , and I`m sure you will all join with me in wishing every success to Simon .

Yours most sincerely

Paul Bright

CCBA Secretary - 03.01.2022

It is with regret that Gary Lewis has  informed me that he wishes to relinquish his roles on the CCBA committee namely Secretary & Treasurer from 31st January 2022. Gary has done a superb job for both the club & fancy in commitment to both. He took over the reins from Ken Shelton & has implemented too many changes & tumultuous times to mention. Gary on behalf of the CCBA “thank you for all your hard work”. 


I am very pleased that Rob Braddock has stepped up to the challenge and will assume the roles of both Secretary & Treasurer, with immediate effect and can be contacted via the NEW CCBA email address which is which has been updated on the website to avoid any confusion. 


We are also looking for any members new or existing who have the time to contribute a few hours a week to join the committee in various roles, please contact any committee member to express your interest. 


As we enter the new year I know many of you will be at various stages of conditioning/pairing up of your birds, I wish you every success achieving your aims & goals and look forwards to seeing you all in a 🤞Covid free environment this coming show season. 


Simon Meredith  


CCBA Chairman.