Sunday 15th December 2013 was blessed with bright mild weather which assisted the natural lighting cascading through the large south facing windows showing the exhibits off to their maximum potential. Respected Judge Peter Finn praised the venue and in particular the good access and parking and he further commented on the overall quality of the exhibits as being good and not a bad one insight. He further added that 228 entries was nothing short of impressive for this comeback classic event.
Peter Finn commented on the following exhibits which respectively were awarded keep sake ribbons on the day. Show champion/Champion lipochrome was an outstanding intensive red ivory hen second to none on the day, highly unusual to beat quality male exhibits, but she was not to be surpassed on the day. The formidable Hill and Foster stud turned out this impressive Show Champion combined with Reserve Show Champion with a stunning non intense variegated cock which displayed even frosting and vibrant condition spoke volume for the Hill and Foster stud.

George Burnett caged good quality lipochromes and collectively gained both Best Novice and Best Reserve Novice lipochrome awards both birds displaying excellent colour and type. In the non- colour feed lipochrome section recessive whites “stole the show”. The enthusiastic George McVay is moving this eye catching colour forward and was dulying awarded Best Champion non fed lipochrome exhibit. This was closely followed by another crisp clean recessive white exhibited by the Dial and Patterson partnership who collected Best Reserve Status.

Competition in the melanin classes was good and a eye catching red ivory for Bill Mailey displayed prominent striations pipped the colour fed melanin champion ribbon, closely followed once again by George McVay with his agate which deserved the Reserve Champion colour fed Melanin title. Peter Lumley red blacks displayed sound colour, good striations combined with dark legs and bills warranted both Best Novice and Reserve Best Novice colour fed melanin titles.
The non colour fed melanin Champion was once again decorating George McVays passion namely the topaz agate, this sparking colour certainly stimulated a lot of interest. Well note satinette breeder Ernie Scotthern received the Reserved Champion Award with a goodtype Isabelle satinette which likewise generated a similar amount of interest as the Topaz previously.

Brian Purvis collected both Best and Reserve Best non colour melanin Novice with his team of well presented yellow agates. Last but not least the future of the fancy Connor Lumley won Best Junior with a clear red lipochrome displaying sound colour type for the junior section which also contained some stunning pastel grey wings. Peter Finn said it was a pleasure to of placed the awards at this comeback classic and further added the enthusiasm of the committee will only get better in future events. Additionally Peter Finn awarded well known fanciers David Wallace Intermediate judging status and Chris Purcell achieved foundation status, to conclude the NEC CCBA Committee would like to thank all the exhibitors for all your support, without you there would be no show. Thank you to Peter Finn – Judge of the day and all stewards and Committee members for all their time and help, a big thank you to Garden Feathers (Seed Merchant) for both their stand and quality raffle prize of 20kg bag of Champion Canary mix. Also thanks to Durham Trophies for donating the keepsake Champion ribbons of the day and we do hope everybody enjoyed their day and we wish an eventful 2014 breeding season for all takers.
We look forward to seeing you all at the 2014 show on Sunday 30th November 2014 same time same place and remember you have got to be in it to win it!
And placing the awards this year is Mr Neville Gaunt and Mr John Cole.