Welcome to the official site of the Canary Colour Breeders Association, the only Specialist Society that caters for every aspect within this section of the canary fancy. Formed in 1947 and with an International membership approaching 300, the C.C.B.A. continues to promote the breeding, keeping and exhibiting of all varieties of Colour Canaries, Lipochrome & Melanin, in all ground colours and feather type, in a sound, ethical and healthy environment.

Anyone wishing to apply for membership of the CCBA can contact the General Secretary Gary Lewis on the address below:

30 Sherwood Green, Longford, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL2 9BU

All Members must have paid their membership to the C.C.B.A for the current year before Rings, Carophyll Red etc.  

can be ordered.



Why join the C.C.B.A.?

1) C.C.B.A. members can purchase at very competitive prices closed rings.

2) C.C.B.A. members can purchase at very competitive prices the main colouring agent used by Canary Colour Breeders Association, Carophyll red.

3) C.C.B.A. members benefit from a theft Compensation scheme this scheme will cover Colour Canaries only. This is included in the subscriptions for United Kingdom members. The level of cover can be increased at the member's discretion on application to the C.C.B.A. secretary.

4) C.C.B.A. members receive free of charge the Colour Breeder Magazine which is issued twice yearly and contains many interesting articles by leading members on various aspects of breeding Coloured Canaries. Each issue also contains excellent colour photographs of Lipochrome and Melanin coloured canaries.

5) Patronages are granted to Open Shows throughout Great Britain at which special prizes are competed for by C.C.B.A. members.

6) The Association promotes its own premier All Colour Show where over £1000 value of special prizes are up for competition to C.C.B.A. members only.

7) Major patronages are also granted to the regional C.C.B.A. Zone Shows.To enable members to keep in touch with current events there are currently thirteen regional Zones of the C.C.B.A., all of which hold their own annual show under the patronage of the C.C.B.A. To find the nearest Zone to your area, click on the Zone link to your left.

8) For those members that wish to progress to the status of Judge, the C.C.B.A.  provides free of charge one of the most comprehensive training schemes in the fancy. There are a series of assessments that are required to be completed to progress through to each of three levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Advance

To find out more about the C.C.B.A. contact the Secretary, Gary Lewis on Tel. 01452 536 753 or by post to 30 Sherwood Green, Longford, Gloucester, GL2 9BU     


The C.C.B.A. 'Shop' , launched 01/03/2010 , is now open ! Members can now pay for annual subcriptons , carophyll , rings etc



You can now download the results from the 2016 All Colour Show HERE


The C.C.B.A. is affiliated toThe International Ornithological Association



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